Sep 8, 2014

Happily Overwhelmed

I was looking back on my blog and reread one of my favorite posts. To refresh your memory, you can check it out here. I remember writing that post with all my walls down and the words poured out with nothing but honesty and hope.

I found it kinda funny that I ran into that post at this very moment in my life. Dating at this stage of life can be overwhelming sometimes. You're no longer dating to simply have fun and make the time go by. You're dating with intent and yeah I'll say it...commitment. My metabolism is only getting slower and my tiny human bearing years are just wasting away. The more dates and guys I meet the more I find myself compromising that list of everything I was looking for in my partner. Trust me, the dating pool is getting smaller and life jackets are nowhere to be found.

"Never lower your standards, always lengthen your patience. For in our 20's we learned that lust can't wait to get, but love can't wait to give. Oh, to love with such a giving heart."

I read my own words and my heart melted. I'm thankful to have this little outlet to pour my thoughts and dreams. Cause to be honest, I would have never remembered those powerful words for myself. The other day I heard someone say that they weren't after stealing a kiss, but was after stealing her heart.

That ladies is the difference between some guy and a man...a good man.

Okay, I'll give you a second to swoon or throw up.

To be honest, I definitely swooned. Then shortly wanted to throw up. What can I say? God's goodness can be ridiculously overwhelming sometimes. My faith has been reaffirmed that God is listening and provides above and beyond everything I could hope for. I've found myself not only lengthening my patience, but also raising my standards even higher. Cause what I've found out is a good man easily meets those standards and forces you to simply want more for yourself.
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  1. I just typed out my whole comment and I don't think it posted :( Anyways! My co worker is going to Disney world and I told her I know the perfect blog post for her to read, I sent her This post just made me so happy! You and Brian are so cute together <3 I enjoyed reading this post like all your others, can't wait to read some more! :)