Sep 3, 2014

Wine With That Cheese

I've officially made it a little over 3 months into living and working at Disney and have yet to harm myself or other guests. And no, I was in no way involved with that guy losing his fingers on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. 

I've found myself adjusting to Florida life quite nicely. I've been able to venture outside my Disney bubble and visit all these cute spots Orlando had waiting for me! I've established friendships with some stellar people. Without Disney, I doubt we would ever had the opportunity to meet. For that, I'm grateful and this experience has been worthwhile for simply that. 

Speaking of forging relationships with awesome people. It seems that your favorite blogger has quite possibly stumbled upon someone kinda special. Insert blushing cheeks here. Well, as much blush as my sun kissed (AKA hella dark) skin can blush. Without divulging too much information and jumping the gun. Let's just say life here has been a tad bit sweeter lately. 

I'm seriously not trying to sound like a complete cheese ball. I just can't help but think how much the thought that things happen when you least expect it rings true with my situation lately. Meeting the unexpected at a very unexpected time. This year has been full of changes and surprises. I'm welcoming it all with open arms and a grateful heart.

Disney. Where dreams come true. Maybe?

Could all my dreams be coming true at the happiest place on earth? Stay tuned. I'm kinda eager to find out myself. Now excuse me as I vomit from all the cheesiness this sweet post brings.
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  1. I am so incredibly jealous! I wanted to do their internship program but I was kinda scared and then I got my internship here in Cleveland. I can't wait to read more about this adventure!