Jun 13, 2014

Adjustment Period

There's really no other way to put it. I have been completely exhausted. I worked 7 days straight and just enjoyed 4 days off work. By the time this reaches the world wide web I will probably be on my way to work another magical day. Don't worry the sarcasm is coming. I spent my 4 days off work sleeping and getting the foot massage I've been promising my feet after those 14 hour work days. 

I keep telling myself I need to get back into blogging mode. It's not like the thoughts and ideas aren't there. I have so many hilarious stories to share. I'm just slowly starting to feel like myself again. When I say myself, I mean myself living and adjusting to Florida slash Disney life. 

Crap, today is Friday right?! Well, for all you normal people living that Monday to Friday work week...Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend y'all.

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