Jul 25, 2014

Hello Humans!

Remember me? The chick that was supposed to put out daily blog posts about moving to another city and update you on the daily shenanigans of chasing the dream, locking down a man, and testing out those aging ovaries? Here I am! I'm back!

I'm alive and well. Two months into this Disney life and I've finally brought myself back to blogging and writing! What have I been up to these past two months (I can't believe it's been two months!)? Boy, I can't wait to update you. To briefly summarize...

1. I've been given the opportunity to meet and start relationships with some amazing people.

2. I've gone on more dates in the span of two months than I did in the three years I rocked lived that single life in Dallas.

3. If I stay out in the sun for even a few more hours I'll have to officially change my ethnicity to something of a darker shade. This Florida sun ain't no joke.

4. My heart belongs to my family and friends in Texas. Missing them never gets easier. But, boy am I thankful for my family here in Florida. Without them I would probably be lost and naked somewhere in downtown Orlando. I'm not sure why I would be naked, but somehow it seemed plausible.

5. Chasing the dream is harder than I thought. Most days, I know I'm exactly where I've always been meant to be. Some days I feel lost and left wondering how I'm gonna get where I wanna be. All I know is I'm grateful for the present and faithful towards the future.

Hopefully some of you are still out there (hey Mom!) and I can't wait to catch you up on everything! Have a fantastic weekend y'all!
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