Jun 2, 2014

Running Therapy

Snapshot of my Saturday morning running route at Disney's Boardwalk.

Running has and always will be one of the greatest forms of therapy for me. Nothing eases my mind better than a cool breeze and a carefully calculated playlist blasting through my headphones. Music is definitely a close runner up when it comes to all things therapeutic for me. I could probably tell the story of my life with just a handful of John Mayer and Sara Bareilles songs!

Yeah I'm that chick that hears a song and dissects every lyric and meaning and thinks to myself "Oh, snap this is my song..". Don't lie, we've all done it once or twice in our lives.

I went for a quick run on Saturday and decided to loop an old running playlist I had made a few years ago. A song popped up that used to be on repeat during what we can reference as a low point in my life. It was pretty much the theme song to my life a few years back! It's crazy how music can easily bring back all those past emotions, thoughts, and feelings that used to overflow my life so long ago.

But, that Saturday morning I had what Oprah likes to call an "A-HA" moment. I realized that I had truly come well beyond full circle from a really low point in my life. I compared how I felt when I used to run to that song back in the day to how I felt at that very moment. If you told me that in a couple years I would be living in Disney working towards making my dreams work, I would have never believed you!

For all my ladies (and gents) that are going through a rough point in life, keep the faith! Life is a crazy journey full of highs and lows. I constantly find myself thinking that I can't believe this is where I am in life. Yeah, sometimes I say that in a positive and sometimes negative connotation. Either way, it's been a hell of a ride and I'm only scratching the surface of my potential, strength, endurance, and success. There's something truly remarkable about finding all your capabilities in such beautiful messes.
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  1. I do the same thing, I run to clear my mind. Anyways, music is like a caption of your life. There is a song for everything and the bad part of that, is when the songs you once love to listen to during the happiest days of you life for example a relationship gets tainted by a break up. Now its a song that you cannot listen to because it brings up the past. I have a lot of those.