Apr 1, 2014

Farewell HIMYM

Spoiler alert! Don't scroll down if you haven't seen the series finale of HIMYM!

I've been a fan of How I Met Your Mother from the beginning. It's crazy to think it's been 9 seasons already! The show had it's ups and downs. Towards the end of this series Ted Mosby was starting to get on my damn nerves. His failed attempts at love were becoming exhausting and quite frankly just hard to watch. To be honest, I didn't like the way they played out the last season. I mean it had it's bright moments. My personal favorite and one that actually brought me to tears was the scene that revealed how Ted proposed to the Mother.

"And that kids is the kind of stupid thing you say before you've met the person that hits the reset button on the world. Who makes everything new again, who makes it seem ridiculous that you ever considered settling."

So my thoughts on last night's series finale? Shoot me, but I really did love it. Why? Well, one of the things I've always loved about HIMYM was how real the show played out. Okay, I'm not talking about goats in apartments or random pineapples. I'm talking about how friendships go in different directions, people grow up, life changes, and all the complications love sometimes brings. That final episode summarized the dynamics between most young adults and the situations they find themselves in. The importance of friendship has always been the heart of that show and I loved that they reflected the reality of where relationships can go no matter how much love is found there.

The biggest tear jerker for me last night was the moment they took their final group picture at the bar. In 9 seasons they all grew up in very different ways. Marshall and Lily had a love that had been tested and overcame it all. Barney finally changed in the first moment he found his one true love in his daughter. Robin had traveled the world and had the career she worked so hard for. And finally, we find Ted Mosby in love and with the family he always dreamed of. I can only hope 10 years from now I can still sit back at my favorite bar with my group of friends, with a bottle of whiskey and the determination to stay out past 9:45pm...to celebrate all the 'big moments'. 

I know many fans are disappointed with the fact that the Mother died. I wasn't really shocked by that revelation. They had been foreshadowing that ending from the very beginning. The creators definitely saved the biggest shocker of the whole series for the last 2 minutes of the episode. It's revealed that the Mother had passed away and it's now been 6 years since she's been gone. Ted gets the blessing of his children to finally go after Aunt Robin. We see Ted run over to Robin's apartment and shows her the blue french horn from the beginning of the series. 

I loved it! It felt like Ted's journey came full circle and he found himself with the woman that stole his heart from the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Mother and the idea of her relationship with Ted. The Mother really was the perfect woman for Ted. There's just always been something about Ted and Robin. The depths of struggle that Ted went through to make it work with Robin. Their relationship was an example that sometimes love is simply about growing into the right person and finding each other at the perfect time. Sometimes it just takes a girl a few years to realize what's good for her. It was nice to see that sometimes those girls actually get a second chance. 

Well, those are my thoughts on the series finale! Thanks for all the laughs, lessons, and the reminder that finding love is one of the best journeys to be on. What were your thoughts on the series finale? 
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