Apr 3, 2014

Dallas Bucket List

Texas gal to Florida. This tank was a necessity. 

It's officially 43 days until the move to Florida! I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do before I leave the Big D. Just a compilation of things I love about home! Figures majority of the list includes eating and drinking. Typical. I really just want to mark things off the list to be able to spend some time with friends and family before I leave! The other night I was able to hang out with some old friends and marked off two more things from my list! I feel very thankful to have friends that I might not see often, but whenever we are able to meet up we pick up right where we left off.  Cheers to that! Well, here's my Dallas bucket list!

1. Run on Katy trail
2. Run at White Rock
3. Popcorn chicken at Bethany's
4. Karaoke night
5. One last dinner at Caravelle
6. Chow down at Emporium Pies
7. A night at my favorite neighborhood bar
8. Eat a really good bowl of pho
9. Enjoy the weather and live music at The Rustic
10. Grab all my favorite treats at Trader Joe's
11. Cupcakes and ice cream at Sprinkle's
12. Dame's dinner with the girls
13. Tuesday nights at The Porch
14. Dallas Farmer's Market and wait in line for Pecan lodge. Oh, Texas BBQ
15. Drink. Get hungover. Then enjoy a badass bowl of Bun Bo Hue
16. Lazy afternoon at Klyde Warren Park
17. Dinner and drinks at my favorite hole in the wall Italian restaurant
18. Happy hour at Kona
19. Enjoy my last few days of Yoga at Sunstone
20. Korean fried chicken
21. Shark Club. Don't ask
22. A Bellini at Grapevine Bar
23. A night at Village Burger Bar playing Heads Up.
24. Bubble tea at Fat Straws
25. Sunday Funday
26. Beers at Katy Trail Ice House
27. Truck Yard
28. Weekend in Ft. Worth
29. Top Golf
30. Whiskey cake at Whiskey Cake

I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to fly by so fast. I'm gonna try my best to hit up everything before I leave. Stay tuned to see how successful this turns out! Any other suggestions on great local hot spots? Hope you're having a great week! One more day until the weekend!
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