Apr 23, 2014

30 Before 30

Tomorrow I turn 29. Sheesh. Leaving my twenties means leaving behind a long chapter full of many ups and downs. To be honest I couldn't be more excited to enter my thirties! With all the changes going on in my life the future seems nothing but exciting. As I approach my 29th birthday and enter my last year in my twenties I thought it would be fun to share my 30 before 30 list. I've compiled a list of things I wanted to accomplish before hitting the dirty 30. Here I go!

1. Run a half marathon
2. Run a full marathon
3. Do something that scares me
4. Get in the best shape I've ever been in
5. Audition for a reality TV singing contest
6. Fall in love again
7. Join a running club
8. Watch Citizen Kane
9. Spend the weekend at a music festival
10. Learn how to bake fresh bread
11. Read the Bible from beginning to end
12. Make new friends
13. Reconnect with old friends
14. Chase after a dream
15. Find a church that feels like home
16. Learn to play the guitar
17. Forget and forgive the past
18. Master an advanced yoga pose
19. Do said yoga pose at the beach and take a picture
20. Go on a family vacation with my whole family
21. Be enough
22. Learn a few of my Dad's recipes
23. Travel somewhere new
24. Take a long road trip with good friends
25. Go on a date with someone out of my comfort zone

I haven't finished my list completely, but it's definitely a start! What's on your dirty 30 bucket list?
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  1. I can help you on #8,9,10,12,3,23, and #25. LOL

    <3 tina

  2. Replies
    1. Find one and lets plan on it! Maybe somewhere near Florida? lmao.

  3. I can be your #25. Holla.

    - DMAK

  4. Workin on #12, haha! & #25..I have a line of guyfriends in mind for ya already lol.

  5. What a great list - I really want to learn how to make bread from scratch too!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Hi Kelly! It's definitely much harder than I thought it would be! =)