Apr 22, 2014

Love from LA

My last birthday in my 20's is upon us! Birthday week started with a thoughtful treat from my sister and cousin. They took me to the Winspear Opera House to watch Disney's Beauty and the Beast! Loved it! That show brings me to tears every single time. Yesterday I was greeted by a surprise package from my sweet bestie in LA. We've been friends before we even needed to wear training bras! A few years ago we were roommates in Houston then we both went our separate ways, she moved to California and I moved back home to the big D. When we were roommates in Houston we used to lounge around all day and watch bad reality TV. All day, errrday. One of my absolute favorites was The Rachel Zoe Project! I go ba-na-nas over Rachel Zoe. Being a good best friend she knew this very well and sent me this sweet package!

A signed copy of Rachel Zoe's latest book! I knew she had gone to a meet and greet to meet her, but had had no idea she had grabbed me one! 

Feelin' pretty blessed to have such amazing women in my life that I'm able to call my friends and family! Even miles away and not many words spoken I'm so glad we are always able to pick up right where we left off. Knowing that soon we will be on complete opposite sides of the country I have no doubt our friendship and sisterhood will continue to grow. Cheers to awesome girlfriends!
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