Mar 6, 2014

The Cry Of My Heart

Dear Future Rachel,

Well, I just wanted to touch base with my future self. How's it going? Is life as sweet as I imagine it to be? Although, knowing the sweetness of God's love I know my tiny brain could never imagine all that's there waiting for me to experience. Has all our hard work paid off? We both know discipline and consistency were never our strong suit. But, I know that our resilience and strength should never be underestimated. I know this life was made with purpose and I'm trying my best to build a foundation of faith and confidence in the things unseen. Everyday is still a struggle. You and I both know how big of a mountain we created to climb. I believe in us and know that our efforts won't be overlooked to make a difference in this lifetime. Work hard in silence, let success be your noise. How's it looking on the other side of that mountain?

 Are we still working towards becoming an example of a Godly woman? Things are definitely a little rocky here at the beginning of that road. But, with good intentions and constant prayer I'm hoping you're smiling remembering the start of that journey.

Have we finally met 'the guy'? Has my hysterical blog on all the ramblings about the life of a single gal finally turned into a hip Mommy blog? If not, don't sweat it. Have faith. I'm writing you at a point in our lives where life is getting quite exciting. The unknown is no longer scary for us, we look towards it with eagerness. I'm at the beginning of watching God open many doors and opportunities for us. It feels like we're just getting a little preview of all the things our life was meant for. We finally reached that point where the drama of the heartbreak and past has finally faded away. We've realized the power of forgiveness towards others and especially towards ourselves. Moving forward and letting go has never felt so effortless. The single life is treating us quite well and contentment is finally at our grasp. If this letter reaches you and you're still rockin' that single life, remain faithful. Never lower your standards, always lengthen your patience. For in our 20's we learned that lust can't wait to get, but love can't wait to give. Oh, to love with such a giving heart.

If I am talking to my married self...well...HELLO! It's been quite a journey, eh? Has all our heartbreak, life lessons, and preparation into being ready to be married finally been rewarded? I'm trying my best to fully prepare us for all that is to come. I'm continually trying to instill in our hearts the meaning of a real and Godly man.  I've heard that the legwork into finally getting married is much easier than marriage itself. Is that true? If so, you better work girl. I pray that you still believe that love is a decision, accompanied by an emotion, and followed by a commitment.

My last two questions are the most important and the heaviest on my heart. Do Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears ever get back together and become yet again the power couple of all time? And does Lindsay Lohan ever make her way back towards sobriety?

Can't wait to hear from you. More importantly, I can't wait to become you. Hopefully this flashback from the past reminds you how far you've come. I can only pray that our definition of love not only develops, but holds true in our life. I hope the craziness that life always brings never takes away the laughter and sarcasm in our words and thoughts. Keep loving. Stay faithful. Live gratefully.
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