Mar 7, 2014

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Friday. My favorite day of the week! Not just because it's finally the end of the work week, but it's Disney Friday! This week's installment of all things Disney World will be about Hollywood Studios. Let's get right into it!

Hollywood Studios

1. I still find it hard to refer to this park as Hollywood Studios. This park was originally called Disney's MGM Studios. Yes, that's what I'm used to calling it and sometimes still do! They changed the park name to Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2008.

2. Until 2001 Hollywood Studios was the only park without a huge park icon. Magic Kingdom has Cinderella's Castle, Epcot has that giant golf ball or more specifically Spaceship Earth, and Animal Kingdom has the Tree of Life. During the 100 Years of Magic celebration they unveiled Mickey's Sorcerer Hat as the focal point of Hollywood Studios. Mickey's sorcerer's hat is based off the classic movie Fantasia.

3. For some reason when I think of Hollywood Studios I think of tons of character meet and greets! Ever wonder what's really going on under those costumes? All performers are hired mostly based on their height. They aren't given a specific character once hired on. They can rotate between characters throughout their time at Disney. 9 times out of 10 Mickey Mouse is being played by a female Cast Member. 4'6 to 5'2 is the height range that they look for in someone to play Mickey. I would be perfect to play the boss man!

4. I grew up watching the Muppets! Hollywood Studios is home to my beloved MuppetVision 3D. Right after you walk into the entrance of the theater look to the right and you'll see a sign that says "Back in 5 minutes. Key's under the mat.". Look under the mat. Yes, there's a key there. Disney thinks of everything!

5. Sunset boulevard holds two of the biggest thrill rides Disney has to offer. I venture out to this part of the park to mostly shop and eat. I'm not a thrill junkie! But, I have hopped onto Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster a few times when my vertigo wasn't acting up. This ride holds a G-force between 4 and 5. That's about the same G-force astronauts feel when a space shuttle lifts off.

6. The Tower Of Terror. The one ride in all of Disney I refuse to ride! When you're waiting in line pay close attention to every little detail this queue has to offer. A Cast Member once told me (as I was waiting for the rest of my party to get off the ride) that there is a Mahjongg table set up in the lobby of the hotel. Disney Imagineers actually got real Mahjongg players to play a game there so that it would look realistic. Also, if you're scared like me but very interested in seeing what the inside of the hotel looks like go ahead and wait in line with your group. Then right before you're divided into groups to hop onto the ride ask where the chicken exit is. I've done that plenty of times to look around the hotel and I'm not ashamed about it!

7. The Hollywood Brown Derby can be found at Hollywood Studios! Disney recreated this legendary restaurant for Disney guests to visit. Inside the restaurant there are frames with celebrity caricatures everywhere just like the original Brown Derby. If you look closely at the frames, if it's a gold frame it's an original caricature from the restaurant in Hollywood. If the frame is black, then it's a copy of the original.

8. Star Tours! Lines can be pretty horrendous at Disney during peak times. Luckily, Disney has the most detailed and amusing queue lines! If you're ever in line at Star Tours listen to this announcements overhead. They will page for "Egroeg Sacul". George Lucas backwards!

9. 50's Primetime Cafe is the cutest restaurant serving up Mom's old fashioned favorites! It's an interactive dining experience as all the servers and guests are one big family! Be sure to mind your manners and eat all you vegetables or else you will be teased. I once saw a guest leave for the restroom and "Cousin Sally" (the server) asked him what color the soap was and he couldn't remember. She made him go back and wash his hands. Fun stuff!

10. Hollywood Studios has some of THE best cupcakes Disney has to offer! The red velvet cheesecake cupcake at Starring Rolls Cafe was actually featured on the Food Network as one of the best cupcakes in the US. Trust me, they aren't lying!

My personal faves at Hollywood Studios!

Favorite Ride: The Great Movie Ride
Favorite Restaurant: Sci-Fi Dine In Theater
Favorite Quick Service Restaurant: Toy Story Pizza Planet
Favorite Snack: Red velvet cheesecake cupcake
Favorite Show: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Park Song: All the music playing near the Great Movie Ride

We're nearing the end of this series with one more park to go! Thanks for sticking around and have a lovely weekend!
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  1. Reading your posts makes me want to go live there! LOL definitely must go sooon! :)

    1. when i move there one can visit all you want! =)