Mar 10, 2014

Happiness In A Box

One of the best gifts I ever received came from two of the sweetest people on the planet. For Christmas my cousin and his wife gave me what I like to call "Happiness in a Box". It was a box full of envelopes labeled with certain scenarios that would make me want to open each envelope. Moments ranging from sadness, defeat, and just plain ole frustration. Inside the envelopes were sweet messages and motivational quotes to lift my spirits and bring my focus back.

Sometimes, my saving grace.

Be your own boss and take control of your life.

What are some of the most thoughtful presents you have ever received? What's your saving grace during stressful times? I hope my cousin's super thoughtful idea inspires you to create a "Happiness in a Box" for someone you know and love.

To the soon to be Mommy & Daddy, thank you for the most thoughtful gift I've ever been given and making me smile on days that seem impossible to get through. You're going to make amazing parents! I'm already a proud Auntie to Baby Jordan! Love you both.

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."
-Desmond Tutu

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