Mar 4, 2014

My Panera Love Story

My cousin posted that video on her Facebook about a couple that met and fell in love at Panera. This video cracks me up. My favorite part was the beginning when Panera claims that "Lots of people make love connections at Panera.." Really?! Where are these people? Why haven't I seen them? It made me laugh even more when they made the couple reenact their first encounter at Panera. First of all, if some dude sat that close to me that was "kinda cute" (her words not mine) I can guarantee you I would have asked him to give me my elbow space. I like a lot of room when I'm studying. Is that what I'm doing wrong? Noted Jamie, noted. 

So it got me thinking, if they could find love at Panera why can't I? Thus began the beginning of my Panera love story. I gave myself 3 days to meet someone, fall madly in love, then get Panera to sponsor our wedding. Why 3 days? Well, I'm a 28 year old female who hasn't been in a healthy relationship in over 3 years with no prospects in sight and my eggs are drying out as the days go by. Oh, and I have the weekend to study for an exam where I can spend it at Panera and wait for my own Prince Charming to split a Pick Two combo with. Let the hilarity ensue.

Day 1.
Dinner time at Panera. Alright found a cozy spot in the back with an extra seat just waiting for a tall, dark, and handsome man to sit down and blow me away with his humor and quick wit.

It's now almost 8:45 and the only thing that came near me was a couple easily on their 3rd date. The one where they meet right after work and they both try to pretend that they're watching what their eating so they both order salads. I can only imagine the scene when they run into each other at the McDonald's drive thru afterwards. Maybe love will find me tomorrow? Oh well, can't rush love. But damn, this chocolate chipper cookie is everything right now. 

Day 2. 
Lunch rush at Panera. Okay, it's mostly families post soccer game lunch. I must be getting older because the salt and pepper hair is definitely working for you sir. Definitely. I keep waiting for someones young, single, and charming Uncle to stop by as he spent his Saturday morning watching his niece's soccer game. No such luck. I would've taken a picture of the empty seat in front of me but didn't want the families to think I was a creepy single lady taking pictures of their kids.

Day 3.
Last shot at love. I wanted to up my game and actually shower before hitting the books. Instead I opted for a sweaty post hot yoga look. Maybe my future husband will appreciate his woman saving the earth one shower not taken at a time? Probably not. I walk through the door and what do I find? A hottie with a body waiting for his food at the counter. I couldn't help but look over as his cologne mixed with the smell of toasted asiago cheese bagels wandered towards where I was standing. A man and complex carbs. My two greatest weaknesses. Were the first words I was ever going to say to my future husband going to be "Are you in line?"? The way things panned out, highly doubtful. His food came and he was outta there faster than I could scarf down the muffin samples.

I guess you can't find love at Panera in three days. I'm determined to have at least one romantic comedy experience happen in my life. I want my own Jamie and Matt story. Maybe my soul mate just isn't into fresh baked goods and made to order salads. Does anyone know if Taco Bell offers Wi-Fi?

Table for 2 please. One day, one day.

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  1. HAHAHA loves.

    Love awaits you in the dark places. Come with me this weekend.......

    <3 -- Hanny

    1. It just can't be TOO dark. Or love won't be able to find me. Literally.