Mar 28, 2014

Currently Lovin'

I was supposed to be flying off to one of my favorite cities today. New Orleans! Pretty much all of Dallas will be invading Bourbon, so get ready NOLA. With the big move coming up I decided it might be best for me to take care of some things at home and lay low. To the bachelorette and birthday celebrants celebrating this weekend, cheers and drink one for me! To ease the pain of being stuck here in Dallas, here are a few of my favorite things from the past week!

I love New Orleans! I love the food, the hand grenades, and the spirit that city has. Throwback to one of my many NOLA trips.

Divergent would have been one of the last movies you would ever catch me watching. Until this little hottie popped up on screen. Theo James, I am sprung on you. Can't wait to watch it...again.

One of my best friends from LA asked me if I wanted to do a juice cleanse with her next week. We're attempting to try out a 3 day cleanse from Pressed Juicery. It's down the street from her place and delivers pretty quickly for me. Stay posted to see how this nonsense turns out.

Two things. I found a playlist on Spotify full of NSYNC songs. And I can't stop listening to JT's new single "Not a Bad Thing". JT our love story just never ends. 

I love The Everygirl website. Fun and empowering reads for every girl! Fell in love with this phone case that felt just perfect for me. 

Hope your weekend is filled with relaxation and good times! Have a fabulous weekend!
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