Feb 26, 2014

Splurge Or Steal

splurge or steal

I've always had expensive taste and a budget that never quite matched. Praise Korean baby Jesus that there are good dupes for higher end products! I've been obsessing over the beauty that is the Celine luggage tote for quite some time now. I couldn't type my credit card number fast enough when I found this jewel on DailyLook! I purchased the 'Large Structured Handbag' in black and I couldn't be more satisfied with this bag. The quality of the interior and exterior is honestly much better than I expected. It's called 'Large' for a reason, this bag fits everything I need and more. I'm in love with it. So in love with it that I'm waiting for the cream version to come back in stock! A girlfriend of mine traveled back home to the motherland and even a knock off from the islands is gonna cost you about $250.00! And to be honest I doubt the quality would even compare to DailyLook's bag. Until the day comes that I can purchase my very own Celine, this bag ain't a shabby substitute.
Splurge: Celine
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