Feb 27, 2014

Dang Girl, You Thirsty

I can admit it. I used to be the crazy, insanely jealous girlfriend. The crazy B that would check his text messages, Facebook, and emails. Yeah that crazy B. Add my passionate Filipino blood in the mix and things used to get ba-na-nas. I can admit it now because I 'm fairly confident I'm not that person anymore. Nor would I ever jump into a relationship with someone that would ever cause me to act that cray. I'm still probably clinically crazy just minus the jealous B part. Years of soul searching and self awareness will do that to you. I seriously think back at the crazy shit I used to do and it's embarrassing to realize I was ever that person. I'm not gonna dive into the insane details because I could probably get a book deal from the crazy antics I used to pull.

I think we've all been there. You're dating a guy and 'beep beep' the text message goes off and Veronica pops up. Who the hell is Veronica?! Then cue the bell for the first round of the greatest fight since Ali versus Frazier. My opinion on how to deal with these tricky situations? Don't. If a guy is going to be tempted or cheat, well that's just what he's gonna do. There's no amount of snooping, pressing of the block button, and conversations about how he needs to kick this female to the curb that will change his mind. In past experiences when I would go ape shit crazy about these thirsty chicks it just wouldn't end well. Acknowledge the situation and let the man know that he needs to take care of his business. Men need to feel like they're in control of things and when their lady is telling them they need to do this or that well you might as well have just shoved him into the arms of this thirsty B. Don't tolerate the games, but don't participate in them either. A real man will own up to his shit and take care of it. The worst thing you can do is get involved and quite honestly look more foolish than the other chick. You don't know her and there's no need for you to reach out to her to let her know how you feel. That simple act alone will prove your insecurities and validate her as a real threat to your relationship.

A boy will fall for the temptation and break your heart. Lucky you, because you'll eventually realize a man won't disrespect you and allow that nonsense to go on if he genuinely cares for you. I've seen the difference between a boy and a man. A man will never make you question, worry, or ever feel insecure about how committed he is to you. Know and realize the difference.

As for you thirsty girls. Well, let's be real. We've all been on both sides of this situation. You're at a wedding and you're the only gal at the singles table over the age of 15. A few bottles of champagne later and you're drunk texting your ex as he's on his 3 year anniversary date with his not so new girlfriend. It's like an episode of The Mindy Project in the making and it would probably end with your face down drunk in your neighbors yard. Here's my philosophy, we're all human and we all make mistakes. Of course that's a shady thing to do, but sometimes 10 gin and tonics make you do absurd things towards guys you would never even dream about going back to. As long as you're not one of those girls that are actually plotting to ruin someones relationship then yes, I am talking to you and yes, I am throwing you a bone. My advice to you? First off, set up a 'phone control' plan ASAP. Drunk texting should be illegal over the age of 25. You're a grown ass woman, know your limit. Secondly, it is what it is, own up to your stupid mistake and move on. Because thirsty girls can be some crazy B's but karma is the biggest B of them all.
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