Feb 25, 2014

Hearts Ignited

I would like to believe that I'm more self aware than I was even just a year ago. I can be an ungrateful person in a first world country. Ya know, first world problems or whatever that hashtag is. I complain constantly over minor problems and sometimes it takes me a good minute to step away from my life and put things into perspective. One thing I've never taken for granted was the fact that there hasn't been one day I didn't know where or when my next meal was coming. Can you imagine living a life where this problem was a reality? Can you imagine living day to day having this be the first thought that comes to mind in the morning?

This past Saturday I was asked by my fellow sister in Christ to help volunteer with the Feed My Starving Children organization. My friend Diana Mak got in contact with this organization through her church and has been volunteering with them for a few years now. The mission of FMSC is simple enough, to feed God's children through body and spirit. FMSC is a non profit Christian organization that reaches out to 56 countries to provide meals to children in areas that are struck by poverty and starvation. This organization was also part of the first phase of response during Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. And now months after this devastating incident hit my homeland they still remain vigilant in their efforts to assist those affected by the aftermath of the typhoon.

The meals are provided completely through donation and the meal packs are prepared solely through the time and efforts of volunteers. FMSC are located in a few areas in the US but through the MobilePack events we are able to make a difference in our own city of Dallas. On Saturday Stonebriar Community Church hosted the MobilePack event that I attended. The main meal that is packaged and sent out is called the MannaPack. FMSC researched to develop a meal that would be easy to send out, simple to prepare, and culturally accepted. It was specifically designed to impact the lives of severely malnourished children and to assist in their development and growth. The meal pack has a formula that consists of dry rice, soy, vitamins, and vegetables. The pack is prepared by simply adding hot water. Each pack provides six individual one cup meals. The goal of each of these MobilePack events is to prepare 100,000 meals. Did we deliver?

The MobilePack event consisted of three different shifts and each shift lasted two hours long. We signed up for the second shift which started promptly at 12:45 pm for a short orientation. During the orientation we learned more about the organization and what exactly we were preparing. After a prayer we were off to work!

There were children, families, youth groups, and people of all ages there to volunteer. The setup and directions were easy enough to follow and the next two hours flew by fast. 

The process consisted of preparing the vitamins, vegetables, soy, and rice in a sealed package. The meals were then placed in a box and prepared for shipment.  

162 volunteers during our second shift.
Completed 165 boxes.
216 meals per box.
Prepared a total of 35,460 meals.
Equivalent to 97 meals a day for an entire year.
The total from the first two sessions of the day was 71,496 meals.

 The next MobilePack event is in April and I would love for you to join us if you are in the Dallas area! Diana and I will give out more information in March regarding April's MobilePack event. Feel free to message me if you are interested in joining! Click the link below to learn more about FMSC and their organization. 


I met some amazing souls this past Saturday and the work that FMSC is doing in the world reminded me of how loving and powerful God truly is. My heart was moved and ignited to do more to make a difference. I have a few ideas and projects in the works for upcoming volunteer events with different organizations in our city that I can't wait to share with you. Stay tuned!

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