Feb 24, 2014

Drinking In Your Late 20's

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we? Do y'all remember the days when we would head out to the club Thursday night, party until 4 in the morning and then repeat the process for 3 days straight? We were capable of functioning properly the next day even after a night of drinking. Pre drinking was sometimes more fun than the night itself? It was actually required since majority of our friends hadn't reached 21 and we were all too broke to order a round at the bar. We were able to kill a bottle of 99 apples like a champ. Boy, are those days long gone.

I haven't stepped foot inside a club for what seems like years. There's no way you could pay me enough money to spend the night in a room filled with sweaty pulsating bodies, ridiculously loud music and overpriced drinks. I'm done getting hit on by thirty thousand wannabe millionaires. Thanks for the drink, I'm sorry you had to split that 1 shot on 3 credit cards. Planning a night out with my girlfriends used to consist of us asking "Are these shorts short enough or should I fold them more?" to present day "Are we wearing leggings and heels or jeans and heels? Can we just wear flats?". Dancing no longer involves throwing your hands up in the air like you just don't care, other wise get the Icy Hot ready in the morning. My body just doesn't bend the way it used to.

I prefer my early mornings versus the late nights. My body physically cannot stay awake past 11:00 pm. Besides only bad and evil things happen past midnight, I am living breathing proof of this. A night after drinking leads to a complete waste of a day here on planet earth and the feeling of your organs shutting down one by one. Most of the morning is spent in the fetal position with feelings of regret and shame as the shenanigans of the night before come flooding back. You meet up your friends for lunch at a local Pho joint (the universal cure for hangovers) and you all claim you're never drinking again (this conversation is sometimes followed by a round of Sunday Funday).

Last weekend, I found myself at a bar with my girlfriend and we had only one thing on our minds. Red Bull. Okay two things, sleep. Why is a can of Red Bull more expensive than a shot of vodka? I keep hearing kids say "Turn Up" or "Turn down for what?!"... how about we turn the dang lights off and call it a night. I've had a good run and happy to say party Rachel is done. RIP party Rachel. Crown Royal will definitely take a hit on this momentous occasion but the red wine market is sure to go up. I realize I sound like an old lady and I'm probably having an unhealthy relationship with my Netflix account. So I'm throwing one last party to celebrate our old partying ways. The party starts at 7:00 pm and ends at 10:30 pm sharp. Please say you'll join me.
Drinking In Your Late 20's
"Can we get a Red Bull vodka minus the vodka? Thanks."
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