Feb 21, 2014

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My main men. Walter and Mickey.
One Man's Dream exhibit.

Fun fact. I'm ridiculously obsessed with all things Disney! One of my SGB's (Single Girl Behavior) is reading Disney trip reports while listening to Disney park music loops. I bet many of you have no idea what that last sentence just meant. Let's just say there's a community of us out there that worship anything and everything Disney World. We talk about the rides, upcoming attractions, history, food, and even the distinct smell the park reminds us of. Did you know you can actually purchase soap that has the same scent as Bay Lake at the Disney resorts? Not that I have it or anything. I guess when I say obsessed, I mean it to where it's borderline frightening. I'm on every Disney chat board the internet could possibly have. I have meet ups with my fellow Disney friends whenever I make it back home (to Disney World that is). Okay is it just me or do I seem more and more attractive the more I reveal about myself through these posts?
Every Friday I try to do a post of my current favorite things, well my absolute favorite thing is Disney World! I thought it would be fun to drop some Disney knowledge that I've accumulated throughout the years. I decided to break it down by each park and name 10 random facts I've learned from fellow Disney fanatics or Cast Members themselves! Let's get started!

The Magic Kingdom

1. All the shops on Main Street are connected. If the street itself is jam packed with people, head into one of the shops and make your way down! It's such a time saver especially at night when everyone is trying to leave at once!
2. The Magic Kingdom was created as a hub, in a circular form. People of the world normally go right, which would mean majority of the crowds will automatically go right towards Tomorrowland. Head towards the left and head to Adventureland first. The crowds tend to be next to empty first thing in the morning!
3. Walt Disney created the Magic Kingdom with you in mind! Walking towards Main Street you are actually walking on an incline. He created it that way so that when you exited the park you would be walking on a decline helping ease the fatigue of spending a whole day at the park!
4. The second you walk into the Magic Kingdom it was designed to play out like a movie. The ticket area is the lobby. If you look closely at the posters on the walls in the area where they hold the maps it's the previews, like coming attractions. The train station you walk under that leads you to Main Street is the curtain that then leads you to the show! Main Street! Then my favorite part, the credits. If you look up at the windows that line up Main Street, there are names of the people that helped create the park and Disney imagineers! Can you find Walt's?

5. Until 2012, the Magic Kingdom was the only place that didn't sell alcohol in the Walt Disney World Resort. The opening of the Be Our Guest restaurant was the first time alcohol was sold in the Magic Kingdom. Beer and wine are made available only at dinner time. (Email me for tips on how to sneak in alcohol into the Magic Kingdom)
6. You will never find a cowboy from Frontierland walking around in Tomorrowland. Why? Walt was walking around Disneyland and found a cast member dressed in his Cowboy uniform in Tomorrowland and felt that it ruined the experience of being fully immersed in the Disney magic. There is an underground tunnel system that Cast Members check into work and use to get to their work stations. Although it's not really underground, it was built on ground level and the park was built over it.
7. You will never go more than 30 steps in WDW without there being a trash can. Walt Disney himself tested this out! He wanted to see how long a person would go before just throwing the trash on the ground. He came up with 30 steps.
8. The lands are so specifically designed that once you walk into one land you won't be able to see another. They created the trees, buildings, and even the theme park soundtrack so that you are fully transported to a whole new land. Even the pavement color and texture changes with each land!
9. What is Main Street based upon? Marceline, MO. Where Walt Disney grew up!
10. Cinderella's Castle stands tall at 189 feet. Taller than the castle in Disneyland, but still not the tallest structure at Disney World! When the Magic Kingdom was built Florida had regulations that they couldn't build a structure over 190 feet without the aircraft warning lights. So what is the tallest structure at Disney World?

Here are a few of my personal faves at the Magic Kingdom!

Favorite Ride: Carousel of Progress
Favorite Restaurant: Cinderella's Royal Table
Favorite Quick Service Restaurant: Columbia Harbour House
Favorite Snack: Dole Whip
Favorite Show: Wishes
Favorite Park Song: "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow"

Running Disney's Princess Half Marathon at my happy place is one of my favorite memories. Ever.

If you're planning a trip down to the happiest place on earth, feel free to hit me up for some ideas! Planning a Disney trip is my forte. Stay tuned next week for my next favorite park, Epcot! Have a fabulous weekend filled with tons of pixie dust!
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  1. I am definitely re-reading this if/when I go to Disney world!! <3

    1. I would happily plan your next Disney trip my friend! =)