Feb 14, 2014

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valentine's day inspiration

My greatest struggle today is deciding whether I want to order a #1 or #9 at McDonald's tonight. But for the rest of you running around to prepare for tonight, Happy Valentine's Day! These are a few of my favorite things, Valentine's Day inspired! From nightwear to jewelry, all these items have been on current rotation in my life. Hope this sparks a little Valentines inspiration for you to spoil your loved ones or even better yourself! Whether I've been in a relationship or spent the day with a few bottles and my fellow singles, it's always been a fun day to celebrate with those I truly care about! Let's all cheers to our past loves for the lessons, our present loves for making life so sweet, and to our future for the love that is promised to come. To my fellow sexy singles make it a day to honor, love, and treat yourself. Have a happy Valentine's day and a weekend full of love!

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