May 2, 2014

Hey Ma, We're Famous!

Last summer one of my best girlfriends got married. It was the wedding of the year. Not only because she was one of the first of my best friends getting married, but because her wedding was recorded for a reality TV show! My girlfriend Angela was picked by the WE network to film her wedding for the final season of Bridezillas. The week that led up to Angela's wedding day was the craziest and busiest week for everyone involved in the wedding and shooting the show. I have to say it was one of the most memorable (and very surreal) times I've ever shared with my girls! I interviewed Angela to get some insight on her experience filming for a reality TV show!

Filming a scene at Angela's Mom's house.

What was the audition process like for the show?
My sister submitted my profile along with a story that involved a dispute between my mother and I. I took my mother to the boutique where I bought my FIRST wedding dress. Few months after my sister submitted the story, I received a phone call from the casting director of the show. He mentioned that my sister submitted my profile and wanted to do a quick 15 minute interview on the phone. After the interview, he wanted to do a more thorough interview, BUT with my immediate family: my mother, father, sister and Eric. The 2-hour interview would be through the phone and it also had to be recorded on camera. Afterwards we would send the footage for whole casting team and director of Bridezillas to view. After we submitted the footage, 2 months later I received a phone call from the casting director that we have been selected for the show! I was in shock. I couldn’t believe we were actually going to be on a reality show. We immediately got in contact with all our vendors and wedding party and let them know the news! I did feel a little uneasy because the brides on there are REALLY crazy and mean. After all contracts signed, they said they will be in Dallas on the week of my wedding and prepare and film for the show. CRAZY!

How would you describe your experience on Bridezillas?
Filming a show is very hard work and exhausting. 12+ hours a day and constant retakes can be very irritating, especially when you are trying to finalize your wedding! My experience with Bridezillas was definitely a memorable one. So much fun, laughs, did have break down moments, but if you have the right people involved (friends & family) it will turn out to be a wonderful experience. I do not regret it one bit.

What was your favorite moment on the show?
There were so many of them! My favorite scene would have to be the bachelorette party. My closest girlfriends and I planned a night out. We were all dressed our best and rode out to have dinner at Sambuca and party at Big Al Macks Bar after. It is kind of weird to eat dinner and have a camera right in your face. Not only that, but during the dinner, there were “naughty” gifts and little penis confetti on the table. All on camera. It wasn’t used for the show but its hilarious thinking about it. Afterwards at Big Al Macks Bar, Eric and his buddies showed up and interrupted our GNO! Of course it was set that way so ahead of time we invited all our closest friends and family  to come party with us a Big Al Macks. It was definitely a fun night. Even Big Al Mack did a little karaoke performance for the Bridezillas party. A great way to end an intense week of filming with a fun night with our closest friends and fam.

Filming Angela's faux bachelorette party. We had already gone to the Bahamas for her actual bachelorette party!

Pretty much the view throughout the whole week of filming Angela's wedding.

Angela and local radio DJ Big Al pouring rounds of shots.

How do you feel about how you were portrayed on the show?
It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Editing was a beast but I am very satisfied on how it turned out. I truly know myself and know the people involved in the show. I accepted the idea of what people who don’t know me will think. So in all,  I thought it was hilarious!

What was the craziest tweet someone tweeted you after the show?
I still get a few crazy tweets and fb messages!  I would say the craziest would be how I am the biggest b**ch and I give Filipinos a bad name. There are comments on YoutTube that are harsher.  How our marriage won’t last and I don’t know how many people want to slap me in the face! They feel really bad for Eric too! I just recently received a fb message asking if I was on Bridezilla and if I am really a b**ch. I don’t answer to any of them and just let people think of what their idea of “reality” tv is.

The ceremony that was shown on the show was a fake ceremony they filmed after the real ceremony at the church!

Would you ever do reality TV again?
Sign me up! I would not mind doing another reality show. Now week of a special day (wedding)? Maybe, maybe not. But for anything else, sign me up! It is so much fun and you work with amazing people. If you have a great team who help you throughout the filming process then its fun!

Does Eric continue to wax his eyebrows?
Actually after the show he never waxed his eyebrows again. I think I scared him and put him through enough pain.

If you missed Angela's episode on Bridezilla you can catch both episodes on Netflix. Check out season 10 episodes 19 and 20 to catch everything that went on during her wedding week! Trust me, it's hilarious!

Well, I'm super excited for the weekend because not only am I heading to the game to watch our Dallas Mavs play tonight, but we're also throwing Angela a baby shower! Yes, it's true guys...they're still together AND they're about to pop a tiny human out. Have an awesome weekend y'all.

Auntie Rachel can't wait to meet you Aiden. I have tons of stories to tell you about your Mama!
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