Apr 14, 2014

Vim + Vigor

My body has been begging for me to go on a cleanse for some time now. I wanted to do a 3 day cleanse to detox all the junk that's been in my body. After much research I finally decided to try out Vim + Vigor. I definitely wanted to try a juice bar that was based in Dallas. Vim + Vigor's juices are carried at Whole Foods Market. The only retailer in Dallas where you can pick up a full cleanse kit would be at Number One Cafe in Highland Park Village. One of the main reasons I wanted to test out a cleanse that was local was to save a few bucks with the shipping and handling fees. Juice cleanses aren't cheap and I definitely didn't want anything that was going to break the bank. Vim + Vigor's pricing varies from which cleanse you choose and how many days you plan to cleanse. I wanted to do the 3 day Intermediate cleanse which retailed at $165.00. 

I emailed the company to see if there were any other options closer to my location to purchase a cleansing kit. I was extremely impressed with their customer service! Liz emailed me back within 10 minutes and gave me a list of juices I could purchase at my local Whole Foods that would replicate the intermediate cleanse kit.

Liz was super helpful and kept in touch all weekend to answer all my questions! There's a bit of a variation to the cleanse since Whole Foods doesn't sell certain juices that are included in the cleanse kit. The juices in the cleanse kit she recommended are similar if not already included in the cleanse. Since the bottles at Whole Foods are 12 oz versus the full 16.9 oz bottles she recommended 7 bottles per day rather than 6. My total for this 3 day cleanse was about $135.00. Whole Foods had each bottle at $6.99 but at checkout found that there was a discount and saved about $15.00.

You can read about all their juices here. Here's what she recommended for my 3 day juice cleanse.  For the next 3 days I'll drink 7 juices (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 1, & No.2) every two hours in that order. One of the biggest differences in creating my own cleanse kit was that Whole Foods doesn't carry their No.12 bottle which is pretty much an almond milk to end the day with. Liz suggested purchasing any almond milk to sip on at the end of the day if I was still hungry. She also advised me to listen to my body and if I was starving at any time during the cleanse raw veggies or raw almonds were acceptable snacks. No caffeine and plenty of water for the next 3 days! 

I start this bad boy today and I will do a daily update for the next three days on my Vim + Vigor experience. RIP to the past few months of absolute laziness and bad habits. It's about damn time. 
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