Apr 16, 2014

Vim + Vigor: Day 2

9:04 am: I can't believe I survived last night without popping a piece of bacon in my mouth. Surprisingly not feeling any hunger pains this morning. But I definitely have a weird feeling in my stomach and it's definitely growling at me this morning. I imagine it trying to tell me "WTF is going on out there? You had one job, one job! That mouth was made to eat food!".

11:57 am: I'm out running errands and didn't realize I would be gone this long. Thank goodness my sister is bringing me 2 more bottles to hold me over. As long as I stay busy I'm not really thinking about food and feeling pretty good! Geez, this car is a hot mess.

2:45 pm: Why am I at Whole Foods during a cleanse?! Oh, because my sister didn't get enough bottles for her cleanse! Being here is pure torture! I'm just going to stand in front of the pizza counter and smell it. Does it count if I just chew the pizza then spit it back out?

4:48 pm: Damn, I'm hungry. My stomach is going crazy growling. Two more bottles. The body is willing, but the spirit is weak. Who am I kidding? The body is definitely not willing and the spirit is freaking hungry!

7:09 pm: I'm going to attempt to go on a run tonight because the weather is just perfect. Not before sending my friend a text for good measure.

9:03 pm: Running was a fail. The Mindy Project popped up on TV and distracted me from the noises coming from my stomach. Tonight was the hardest. My stomach was growling and I just miss the act of eating food. I'm going to bed. One more day. Good night.
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