Apr 18, 2014

Currently Lovin'

It's Friday! A Good Friday indeed! I'm feeling super refreshed and energized after my 3 day Vim + Vigor cleanse. 

It was definitely a difficult 3 days. Looking back I think most of it was mind over matter. Throughout the whole cleanse there wasn't really a point where I was starving or I had my infamous hunger headaches. The second day was the hardest for me. I found that I had to constantly keep drinking water in order to keep my stomach full. On the third day I already felt more energy and the day flew by. I was able to hit up happy hour with my girlfriends and wasn't even tempted to drink or eat! Once my cleanse was over I didn't even have a real meal until lunch and opted for another juice for breakfast. Today I feel less bloated, my skin has definitely cleared up, and my energy level has been great! I'm trying to slowly incorporate real food into my diet again. I feel like the cleanse was the perfect way to recharge and jump start my healthy lifestyle back up again. So what's my verdict on Vim + Vigor's 3 day cleanse? I absolutely love it! 

The weekend is finally here! I'm going to do my best to not completely waste the 3 day cleanse by going crazy this weekend. I even skipped out on a Rangers game on Saturday for the sake of staying healthy! I'm looking forward to enjoying my last weekend as a 28 year old. Eeek, yes someones birthday is just a few days away! I hope this Holy weekend is spent with those you love and Happy Easter everyone!
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