Mar 18, 2014

Heartbreak Hotel

Break ups suck. They physically and emotionally exhaust you. The only bright side is you're bound to lose a good 10 to 15 pounds. I could honestly use a good break up right about now for that simple fact. I've gone through a couple gut wrenching break ups myself and there's absolutely no amount of money you could give me to go back. Despite all my complaints I wouldn't change one moment of any of it. These were the times that built my character and developed my outlook on life and love. I wish there was a guidebook that gave you a step by step guide on how to make it to the other side. All I can offer you are some of my post break up tips that helped ease the pain and brought me one day closer to sanity.

Spoil Yourself.
If you have the moolah to splurge by all means do it! Buy the things you always wanted for yourself but never had the chance to. Being single gives you the luxury to be selfish! Those moments don't come often in life so take advantage of this time. Travel travel travel! The first time I ever went on a trip with my friends was right after I entered the single world. The marathon of trips I experienced that year were some of the best times of my life. I remember dragging almost 40 people to Vegas for my birthday! Planning was ridiculous, but it was well worth it to be on the strip hungover with some of the best souls I know. Remind yourself that your life is filled with love and realize that a man will never validate that fact.

Viva Las Vegas. Poppin' bottles at Pure's rooftop with a handful of my favorite people. Cheers to family, friends, and 10 dollar cans of Red Bull. 

Love Yourself.
Nothing makes me more sad than a girl that doesn't realize her own self worth. Always thinking, "Am I skinny enough?" or "Am I pretty enough?" that is by far the most exhausting state of mind to be in. It didn't end because you didn't look a certain way and if it did count your blessings that it did! Take this time to accept yourself. Flaws and all. Losing yourself in a relationship is something we all tend to do. Find yourself again, change for the best, and fall in love with who you truly are.

Party. Drink. Dance. Repeat.
Some of my best nights came from horrible mornings. One time my sweet girlfriend threw together an impromptu GNO after I was going through dating blunder #73648. Nothing fancy just a handle of Crown, quality hummus and chips, and tons of girl talk. Headed to the bars to sweat off the crown and had a fresh bed and bowl of noodles waiting for me when I stumbled into her condo. From then on I refer to her casa as Heartbreak Hotel, where you check in heartbroken and check out hungover. God bless the dirty martini and awesome friends.

There's nothing more therapeutic than a GNO and a few cocktails. Surround yourself with those that bring love and laughter in your life during times like these. They make heartbreak look good on you.

The greatest lessons in life come from the darkest moments. I've learned to take everything that comes at me with an open heart that is willing to learn from the choices I've made. If you don't gain a sense of self awareness then you truly did lose everything to that person. Learn to grow from the pain and come out of it a better person than before. Vow to make everyday a day closer to the person you know you are capable of being.

Don't Look Back.
I don't think it's possible to stay friends with an ex. The 'friendship' becomes so fabricated and superficial. It's as if you both are going through the motions without any genuine honesty. More importantly how is it possible to ever move on? Keep your distance, lose all communication, and don't look back. It's so easy to say and so hard to do. In the end you'll be better off and one day you'll be driving in your car and it just won't hurt anymore. One day you'll realize you hadn't thought about the guy for weeks. And one sweet day you simply wont give two f**ks about him. Excuse my language, but there just weren't any other words that would suffice.

There's a reason break ups happen. You gotta trust that there's a reason it didn't last. Eventually you'll meet that one guy that makes you realize why everything else had to fall apart.

Two of the greatest post break up anthems. Sing it Sara Bareilles, sing it. 
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