Feb 3, 2014

love & sarcasm

Yupp, I created a blog. Since all my friends are busy getting married and pregnant, I thought what could I possibly do with my free time?! Well, here's what I came up with! My creative outlet to pretty much write about anything and everything! I'm your typical late 20's (but pretty much around the corner from 30) gal trying to navigate my way through life. Balancing work, school, friendships, and the non existent Dallas dating scene. All while trying to learn how to contour my face, cook and workout like those chicks on Pinterest, pretend I'm a foodie on Instagram, and get myself outta sweats and into something cute. I can't wait to share all my thoughts, ideas, and latest finds! Join me as I learn how to use my laptop, figure out what hashtags belong on what day, and how to step up my blogging game.

Love & Sarcasm

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some fun posts!

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