Feb 4, 2014


"You a bad girl and your friends bad too, oh. We got the swag sauce, she drippin' swagu.."
Queen Beyonce, Party

I know this song rings in your head when you roll into the bar with your girlfriends in tow. A girl's greatest accessory is a handful of bad ass girlfriends. Those gals that fill your life with laughter, beauty, and more memorable nights than you can count. These are the 5 types of girlfriends I think every chick should have to make life complete.

The Social Butterfly
The girlfriend that is queen of knowing where the hot spots are and what is so last year. She's the one that gets invited to all the private events and warehouse sales. She networks like a boss and is always ready to connect you with whoever to further any aspect in life. She is always willing to leave the man at home when she knows of a fun and exciting event that would best be enjoyed with her girlfriends and a dirty martini. 

The Gutsy Gal
The girlfriend that isn't afraid to speak her mind and do the unexpected. You can always count on her to have your back because loyalty is at the top of her list. She loves to be adventurous and always encourages that side of spontaneity in you. She's the friend that's down to take that last minute vacation and bitches out the airline company if they lose your luggage. 

The Mother
Just because she's the mama of the group doesn't mean mama doesn't like to get down! She's the friend that's the most patient and most reasonable. Maybe she does have a family of her own and you might not see her much, but she always makes the time to check in and see whats new in everyone's life. She's the one that knows when you all had one too many drinks and is the first one to hold your hair when you definitely did. 

The Bossy One 
She's the friend that plans all the GNO's, birthdays, and vacations. She always has a well thought out itinerary with back up events for all occasions! You love her, but you're probably a bit exhausted with her excel sheets, laminated itinerary, and 215658 text messages prior to an event. Her heart is deep and knows every girl well enough to want to make every event just perfect for y'all. 

The Phoebe Buffet
Where my Friends fans at?! The quirky one. She has quite a bit of weird tendencies but you wouldn't want her any other way. She brings the group to interesting situations due to her never ending curiosity. She's the one at a potluck that says she's no longer eating pork, but bacon is fine to bring. She brings so much love and light to the group, you wouldn't understand life without her. 

So, which one are you? Which one of your girlfriends is my favorite, "The Phoebe"? What other girlfriends did I miss on that list? I couldn't imagine my life without my girls and I hope you all are just as lucky to live life so sweetly!

Love & Sarcasm

xoxo all day, errrday for these gorgeous gals.

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