Aug 6, 2014

The Rachel Project

From the short and tan. To the tall and tan. My dating history hasn't seen much variety in the past...well, ever. Dating here has been like sampling the offerings at an international buffet. West coast, East coast, European coast, you name's here. There's nothing like a new city and your thirties right around the corner to thrust you into desperation the dating scene with absolutely no fear.

Scratch that. A little fear. My greatest fear you ask? Going on a first date then being thrown into a white van to be sold into some human trafficking ring. Real life single girl problems y'all. But that's another blog post for another time.

Like I've said before, I've gone on more dates here than I ever dared to go on back home. Being a single gal navigating the dating scene is quite possibly one of the most exhausting sports I've ever taken up. From the daily showering to get ready to the witty repartee, my goodness I'm tired! But you know what, it's been fun and quite educational. Every date that goes by I learn (very quickly) exactly what I'm after and just how much I have to offer.

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a few scenes of a romantic comedy. Think along the lines of He's Just Not That Into You meets The Mindy Project. Ya know, the beginning of the movie where they introduce the lead single chick making her way through a string of bad dates. Then she retreats to her apartment to mull over said dates with a bottle of wine and her girlfriends as they talk to her over the phone with an adorable baby on their hip.

To all my single ladies, the few of our dying breed that's left, hang in there. The leg work might be a bit tedious but, ya gotta hold on to the hope that it's all leading to something far sweeter than you could ever imagine. Enjoy the drinks, laugh with (or at) the company, learn the lessons, keep it classy, and never settle for anything less than you truly deserve. Let the movie play on. Your Jim Halpert or Dr. Castellano is waiting for you somewhere out there.

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  1. I started watching Mindy project awhile back because of you!! Love it!!