Mar 21, 2014

Currently Lovin'

Oh my, this week has flown by! This past week has been full of sunshine and excitement for me. In good time, my happy news shall unfold itself. Let's get the weekend started with a few of the things I'm currently lovin'!

Spring has definitely sprung. Dallas sunshine has made for some amazing evening runs.

Fresh flowers and coffee. Weekly staples.

Ready to hit the Dallas Farmer's market for some fresh fruits and veggies. 

Finding inspiration in the simple things.

I have been on a bubble tea kick all week. Good for the soul, bad for the figure.

Hope the Monday to Friday grind wasn't too painful for ya! The only thing on my agenda is a fun GNO with a few pretty ladies. I'm ready to finally jump start my workout routine and get it goin' again. I'm all about getting some good runs in and killer yoga sessions this weekend. Enjoy the first weekend of Spring and have a fabulous weekend!

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